The heart of a Champion

It only takes belief in yourself, belief that you can win, a positive attitude, determination and the heart of a champion to overcome all obstacles and be successful. PROOF IS BELOW! Post by Jas Khaira.

The Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 The math equation that could change your financial future.   If you like this video please do me a favor and share it!  

Funny Debt Video

This video explains a simple and funny strategy to eliminate debt, however we all know debt elimination takes a DEBT Attack Plan.. For real strategies in debt elimination click here

Mind over your Money

The Discipline of Decisions What do you think is worse: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret? Would you rather discipline yourself in small ways today to make a difference tomorrow or look back and see that your financial life is not where you want it to be? You can take some small …

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Budget Worksheet

Are you looking for an easy to use Budget Worksheet? Click Here for one

Get out of the Debt Sprial

The Real Cost of Credit If you don’t understand how compound interest works, you may be gambling on your future. Today, people rely on credit cards for the “quick fix” and end up paying for it later. When you buy on credit and only make the minimum payments, your new balance each month is the …

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David Bach on Debt

One of my mentors David Bach has recently completed an interview on debt. I wanted to share with you. If you would like a plan to get out of debt contact me, I will put one together for you for free. Debt Fighting Tips From David Bach, The Street: The Street Click here for the …

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